Friday Fictioneers: Lighter Than Air and Epi-Laughs




Well, due to my inability to decided which of these two stories I liked better, I’m just going to include both of them. The first one will be the one I “officially” submit since it is still 100 words and is, in my opinion, better writing than the pithy little snippets I included for the second one.

Also, good heavens just look at that second story’s punny name. It’s like a huge storm front of sheer pun just clobbered its way through a clear sky.


Have fun~




Image Copyright: Jean L. Hays

Image Copyright: Jean L. Hays


Word Count: 100

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Lighter Than Air


My third-grade science class couldn’t handle me. I’m on the lam, no homework for me, thanks.

Cardboard is lighter than metal, light enough for wind will pick up like a kite. It’s the ideal wing material.

Icarus, Titanic, and Lead Zeppelin all sat on the handrail of the second-story balcony; I’ve heard those names all the time on TV, they must be good luck. Outside it’s a great day for science—windy with the sun setting like it’s ducking to make way. My matchbox cars are sitting with painted cardboard wings spread impressively wide.

Futuristic flying cars, here we come.






Word Count: 100

Genre: Comedic Fiction

Title: Epi-Laughs


Barnold McFetterer:

Father, son, unholy ghost. He brought joy to thousands through his films, even if it was totally unintentional.

Marshal Hopalop:

Writer, blogger, and the greatest worrier in all the world.

Richard Mallock:

“Go away! I’m dead already, aren’t I? Why do you all hate me so?”

Joseph Tollhort:

“Mary had a little knife, its blade was as sharp as death.”

Mary Tollhort:

“If my goddamn husband makes a snarky comment on his headstone, I’m going to kill him twice.”

Samantha Fairchild:

“Did you think I was kidding when I had pain in my gut? I’m giving God all your names.”

Ruby Thursday:

“Gone fishing— will be back on Judgement Day.”

Sir Jackson Black:

“There’s so much I still want to say, but they only gave me room for thirty words, so chalk that up another disappointment in my life. Alongside my novels, plays—”





Also, a year ago this month, my blog came back with its first Friday Fictioneers! Isn’t that something? I suppose in the literal sense it is in the way that everything is something. Well , when it gets closer to my anniversary of Friday Fictioneers, I’ll be sure to obnoxiously bring it up then. But on the other hand, Light Than Air has some of that young scientific adventure that The Necromancer (my first Friday Fictioneers) had.

I didn’t even plan it that way! And I have no excuse for Epi-Laughs. I’m still stuck on how terrible that pun was. It was just what I thought of first when I saw the cars in the ground like tombstones.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!






2 comments on “Friday Fictioneers: Lighter Than Air and Epi-Laughs

  1. micklively says:

    “Led” and “ideal”?

    • Whoops, well I fixed “ideal” but I actually wanted to keep “Lead” instead of “Led” to emphasis the fact that the narrator really doesn’t know what a “Led Zeppelin” is so he defaults towards the “lead” that he knows. Probably less easy to do in text than speech, but I figure I’d have a crack at it.

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