Flash! Friday: Pure Obliteration




I’m so going to hell for writing this. It was simply too good to resist. I suspect that I will soon meet my own hilariously gruesome end at the hand of Gene Wilder and his dream-slaying Willy Wonka cane.

Again, I may just deserve it, though.


Have fun~





1. Theme: “You reap what you sow.”

2. Setting: “A world-famous candy factory”

Word Cap/Word Count: 150/150

Title: Pure Obliteration


“Oh yes,” I cackle, my legs swinging from a pipe suspended from the ceiling at a nice, lethal height, “I did sow some brilliant seeds. Today we will reap.”

Decay nods, her graveworms flopping like real hair. “You did good this time, Death,” she says. Misfortune stands one-legged atop the pipe, precariously teetering and wickedly grinning.

“Look at all their happy faces,” I squeal. Far below, the children and their guardians are following the eccentric man in the pinstriped top hat. Everyone’s eyes are full of wonder, mine included.

There! One of the older folks is sooooo close to the industrial cotton candy vat. All it would take is just one little push— No, stick to the plan.

From far below, Deceit, in his borrowed pinstriped hat, looks up at me and gives a wink.

The next stop on today’s tour is the packaging room. Oh, I can barely wait.







Maybe this should be the start of my next Miniature Narrative Project– the hilarious misadventures of Death, Decay, Misfortune, and Deceit. That actually doesn’t sound like the worst idea, come to think of it. Gene Wilder has already zeroed in on my home and is going to brutally end me anyway, so what’s the worst that could happen?!



Good luck, you brave writer folk!





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