Five Sentence Fiction: Clock Thief




Five Sentence Fiction is, for better or worse, the real step-headed red child of my blog’s roster. I blame the fact that I can’t do dialogue very easily with it, which is my favourite thing to write in short, pithy stories.


Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Thief

Word Count: 135

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Clock Thief


Quick, quick officer, somebody has stolen my hours and days from me! It started with Garamoush, that blasted book simply won’t get finished no matter how much I chip away at it with the old editing-stick; It has a deadline to boot goddammit! Next came Ghost in the Shell with its magnificent cool and collected Major Kusanagi and the grimly gleeful Batou— will they manage to stop the Laughing Man? But worst of all came Arkham Horror in the middle of the monster-infested night, spreading the words of the Great Old Ones into the streets of the tiny Massachusetts city— I couldn’t resist its call of Cthulhu! So you see officer, this is a theft of the highest degree and I will not wait and waste away any longer waiting for justice to be served.






Funny thing is, I also left out Pokemon, Guns of Icarus, Smite, Landfall, Friday Fictioneers, Flash! Friday, work, and eating which managed to all steal my time away too.

It sucks being interesting sometimes.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!





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