Flash! Friday: “Going Down in History”




The title’s a pun, get it!

I bet this could make a decent TV show on, like , SyFy or FX or something. Like In Time but instead of a time-based dystopia, it deals with history and censorship. And Justin Timberlake will just be a distant memory. Oh and the show would use real logic, too. Imagine that!



Have fun~




Title: Going Down in History
Word Count: 225
Elements of Inspiration: Character (Historian), Theme (Censorship and Totalitarianism)


Alexander the Great slouched in the doorway of dark iron, a bloody wound quietly seeped where his right ear had been. “Napoleon is dead,” he said.


Oda Nobunaga silently shook his head. Elizabeth the 1st stared into her lap, offering a prayer to a God she knew was no longer listening. Deep down, they both knew Napoleon would be next. He was too outspoken, too furious, too Napoleonic for his own good. In the past such a man could have been great. But in this age, he was only a target, a relic of history, an enemy of the present.
After all, history was dangerous— it could inspire.


“Augustus will be devastated,” Elizabeth said.


“We’ll tell him later,” Alexander said. “Right now, we need to keep the history of France safe and start the search for a new Napoleon.”


He was right, naturally. The Great Reviser and his goose-stepping soldiers and book-burners weren’t going to stop just because one more Historian fell. Eventually, somebody new could be found to learn Napoleon’s history, from Ajaccio to St. Helena, and become another living history book. That didn’t help dispel the wide-mouthed darkness in the bunker, though. Its long, cold fingers clawed under Nobunaga’s skin.


Nobunaga stood up, not feeling much like the warrior he took the name of. He felt omnipresent history weigh heavy on his chest.






Weirdly, WordPress doesn’t recognize “dystopia” as a word.

I find that very suspicious! They’re trying to keep us in the dark about the incoming New World Order! This just in: Sales of tinfoil hats skyrocket!



Good luck, you brave writer folk!






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