Flash! Friday: Legendary




I have yet to have a Flash! Friday story idea come to me so quickly and then change so rapidly. It was supposed to be a story about a brain parasite disguised as a wise old man who sapped the youth from the adventurous young. Take a look at the picture prompt and that might make a tiny bit more sense in context.



Have fun~




Title: Legendary
Conflict: Man vs Self
Theme: Forgiveness
Word Count: 250

They just left him there, dead in the slums of Istanbul— the last time I was here it might still have been Constantinople. I had left to find my own fortune and cut my way through the world on the crests of ocean waves. Silks from China and wine from Venice made up a bed of gold for me to rest easy upon.
But now the prodigal son has returned. Where was the good fortune of my family? Their manors and castles? Perhaps those were only dirty hovels twisted by a child’s memories. Everything worth anything had been stolen from our house. Not even our Quran was left.
I bent down to touch my father’s face. It was dry and thin, closer to parchment than skin. His body is light as I lift it onto my shoulders. Still, my knees buckle. At the very least, I can give him a proper burial outside these glaring walls where the sun and wind can meet.
There were stares as I walked from slum to market to residential streets. Some must have believed I was a benevolent undertaker— an angel amongst men. Nothing so legendary, unfortunately. Just a son who had forsaken father and Father to have a chance to master the world.
Now, as I pass through the colossal city gates, I feel ever smaller.
I will never leave you again, father. Even if we are joined together in the soil should I collapse and my lonely soul is judged in heaven.







It’s rather amazing how quickly I can come up with ideas for Flash! Friday when I’ve been doing Friday Fictioneers for much longer. As of right now, I’m still trying to come up with an idea for this week’s prompt! And it’s not just because Rochelle wrote about the same thing I was going to, so now I have to change my idea.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!






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