Friday Fictioneers: Glass Sky




I was actually going to go with some kind of nuclear winter vibe in this story, seeing snow in July (which is kind of weird, even here in snowyville Illinois where May snows aren’t totally unheard of). But I went with something a little more mystical. And a little less narrative-y. More like a stasis piece. A moment-in-the-life-of. If that makes any sense.


Have fun~




Image Copyright: Dee Lovering

Image Copyright: Dee Lovering


Word Count: 100

Genre: Fantasy

Title: Glass Sky


“What are you up to today?” I ask Mrs. Muggins.

“Same old, Mr. Puck.” She sounds exactly like me. Then she sweeps the porch and sweeps and sweeps.

The mailman waves hello but never puts any mail in the box.

I walk around my house a twice. Empty sidewalks dusted with plastic snow. This is my world. Once I was a fairy of mushroom rings and gossamer wings. Now the glass dome of this snowglobe is the horizon and the jealous eye of my captor is the rising sun.

I will escape. I have to escape.

Will I ever escape.






Ironically, as I was about to start writing this, my dad suggested that I try my hand at writing songs. He compared them to writing flash fiction, which I can’t really deny (at least if you cut the chorus repetition out of the overall word count). So I think next week I’ll try my hand at some flash fiction song writing. Besides, if it’s anything to go by, American Pie is my favourite song ever, so I’m likely going to be writing more story-song work anyhow. So it’ll still be a story, at least in the more basic sense.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!







3 comments on “Friday Fictioneers: Glass Sky

  1. Dear Michael,

    I love the mystical feel of this. I’ll never look at a snow globe quite the same way.

    There are some great songs that really are flash fictions. Two that come to mind, both recorded by Kenny Rogers are Reuben James and Coward of the County (I love American Pie.)



  2. Dale says:

    Caught it a snow globe! I hope he finds a way to escape!

  3. gahlearner says:

    Great story, I love the description. I’ve seen snow globe stories, these things have something magical that pushes the imagination. And I’m looking forward to reading your songs.

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