Five Sentence Fiction: “4th of July”




Yes, I’m phoning this one in. Yes, it’s not very good. Yes, I finally forced myself to take a few days off of writing altogether!

And it was so nice!


Have fun~





Word of Inspiration: Bubbles

Word Count: 85

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: 4th of July



I’m blowing bubbles outside- it’s a nice day out and every bubble pops on top of my dad’s car. He’s out with her again, I forgot her name, so I’m enjoying myself. It turns out that gasoline doesn’t float like soapy water does but I’m making due. There are puddles forming on the hood of dad’s cars and I’ve got one sparkler left from the 4th of July.

Dad chose to be with her instead of watch the fireworks- he won’t forget this fire, though.






Hopefully the next Five Sentence Fiction will be available soon enough so I can redeem myself for this- a story I came up with while driving to my friend’s house today. With no AC. For an hour and a half.

I hate summer. So very much.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!









2 comments on “Five Sentence Fiction: “4th of July”

  1. ha ha that’s really an unforgettable fireworks


  2. K. R. Smith says:

    I have to try that sometime! Nice story!

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