Flash! Friday: “Gold (to) Dust”




I’m of the opinion that the Great Gatsby movie could have been really fantastic if:

  1. Jordan was a more significant character
  2. Toby McGuire wasn’t in it- he just wasn’t enigmatic enough to be Nick
  3. The director could decide if it was supposed to be jazzy or rap-y
  4. It didn’t exist.


But other than that.


Have fun~




Title: Gold (to) Dust

Character: Nouveau Rich

Theme: Obsession

Word Count: 148


1954: Rich Uncle Michael died from a morphine overdose. Poor nephew Andrew suddenly had enough money to make himself a bed on his splintering apartment floor. Andrew and his daughter Mary left that cold and blustery tomb for a gilded mansion in Chicago.

1955: Newly-rich nephew Andrew had no pictures of Uncle Michael in his home. He filled his shelves with golf trophies and lucky horseshoes instead. And he filled his floor with growling, unpaid bills. But the sun was so bright in Chicago— Andrew stared into the white light until he was blind. Gold dripped from his fingers and champagne fountained from his mouth until his fingers went cold and his mouth gathered flies.

1964: Poor lonely daughter Mary opened the window of that old and familiar splintering apartment. The winter chill was coming early. Mary kept no pictures of poor dead father Andrew on her shelves.







I actually wanted to make this story funny- about a new associate who tries to be cultural by owning a bunch of elephants and Forbidden City imperial guards. She was “internet cultural” before the internet was around, essentially.

But instead I had to remember Gatsby and it got all serious. The movie Gatsby. That’s serious business.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!





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