Five Sentence Fiction: “(Can’t) Move On”




So, I know I’m bad at checking for new Five Sentence Fiction’s early and often but then never doing them until it’s almost too late. But now I’m actually getting decent at writing them. So it makes my late arrival even worse!


Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Lipstick

Word Count: 132

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: (Can’t) Move On



It’s moving day— I’m moving on. My friend and I are hoisting up my sofa; there’s been too much done on it to keep it any longer. Too many quiet words whispered with I had childishly thought was love— too many promises woven that split like fraying twine. I kinda wish I could follow this sofa into the fire, the flames might burn away the invisible grime she left on me when she kissed me on the cheek and vanished into the warm neon night. I kept the lipstick stain she left on my cheek for a whole day, thinking she would be coming back; I’m going to have to keep the spike she drove into my heart for the rest of my life, knowing she never will brighten my doorway again.






If I can finish writing this whole post by the time this Duct Tales “The Moon” remix is done I’ll be so proud of myse-

And it’s done. Well, there goes my pride. Oh well, can’t miss what you never haaaaaaad.




Good luck, you brave writer folk!









2 comments on “Five Sentence Fiction: “(Can’t) Move On”

  1. wildbilbo says:

    I liked this – the desire to ‘follow the sofa into the fire’ is a great line. I particualrly liked the change in views on whether the kiss left ‘lipstick’ (when he still hoped) or ‘grime’ (after he knew she was gone).
    Well done.

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