Flash! Friday: “Falling, Fallen”




Based off of real-life events! But over-emphasized for the sake of being interesting to read.


Have fun~




Title: Falling, Fallen

Character: A Knight on a Quest

Theme: Corruption

Word Count: 210



For years I have been a reaper in steel with a sword shaped like the Savior’s cross. I found honor and glory in the heathen’s cries. I heard them in my memories even as I danced at my wedding. Those days were warm, sunny.

Today it is raining. The Cliffs of Dover are white and terrible beneath me, like the realm of Heaven itself. Will I still go to that pristine place when I die now? My blade which had ended untold heathens for God’s glory committed a mortal sin; it is covered in a friend’s blood— not even the weeping raindrops can wash it clean.

A spark of rage. A moment of weakness. Did he really insult my wife? Or slander my king? Or blaspheme against God? I don’t suppose I will ever know, now. Our sparring turned to murder from those maybe-words.

My ever-bloody sword hangs from my hand like a head on a broken neck. Behind me, the thunder sounds like vengeful hooves coming my way. Or perhaps it’s the other way around.

Before God or man can claim my life, I will redeem it. My sword flies from my hand and is pulled down to wrathful tides and earth, heavy with sin. I follow after it.






Anybody else just get unreasonably tired around 7-9 now? Or maybe that’s just me now that my life has become infinitely less interesting. Looks like it’s a tea-based diet for me from now on.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!






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