Friday Fictioneers: “Closed Doors”




I don’t care what WordPress’ messed-up calendar says, it’s Saturday. Therefore, my Friday Fictioneers is only slightly late!

It’s practically within the acceptable limit of getting it waived by the professor because of your good history with them. Speaking of which, I’m not in school for once come autumn. I thought this would be a good idea until I started to live it.

God, I need grad school already. I need to student-teach the heck out of those impressionable minds. They won’t corrupt themselves, after all.


Have fun~




Image Copyright: Claire Fuller

Image Copyright: Claire Fuller


Title: Closed Doors

Genre: Science Fiction

Word Count: 100


I’m hurried away from the door and its huge wheel locks by my brother. He always looks worried when he gets close to the door. Usually he scolds me, saying, ‘there’s nothing through there I need to say.’

But now he kneels down to me and says, “They’ll be going up there soon. The door’s going to open soon.”

I look at him. He’s acting funny. Did that mean that people would be going all the way up to where giant red mushrooms grew and there’s a big lightbulb in the sky called the sun?

I want to go, too!






Something about referring to nuclear doomsday using mushrooms never ceases to tickle me. It’s so close to making sense until you realize that the fires AFTER the bombs would be what really messes stuff up. Real-life nuclear global annihilation is so boring.




Good luck, you brave writer folk!






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