Flash! Friday: “Action Man!”




This reminds me, I still need to see Birdman. I hear it’s fantastic!


Have fun~




Title: Action Man!

Character: A Prideful Superhero

Setting: A Besieged City

Word Count: 150


Action Man! Man of Action! And Reaction!

Action: Whiskey enters the body.

Reaction: A bus is accidentally melted by my freaking eye lasers.

Action: A tired superhero just wanted a night to himself and Jack Daniel.

Reaction: Center City goes to the dogs! Everyone grabs a pitchfork. “Death to the mutant freak!” they bitch.

Action: More freaking eye lasers! More whiskey! Ungrateful sods, I’d like to see one of THEM save a screaming old woman (there always HAS to be one) from a burning building. Or drink a whole gallon of whiskey without dying. I guess I’m just a super-man.

Reaction: Somehow the internet gets ahold of my laser-filled glory. Superheroes from “Wonder Archer,” to “Miss Almost-Late” to “Sir Always-Comically-the-Third-Wheel” come to end my reign of relaxation. I mean, “terror.”

Action: I calmly get another bottle of my friend Jack and look to the blurry sky for the coming stormclouds.







I really want action figures of Action Man! now, if only to see what kind of actions he could do and to laugh at the bizarre redundancy of things like, “Action Man’s laser-eye, whiskey-guzzling action (man’s laser-eye, whiskey-guzzling action [man’s laser-eye, whiskey-guzzling…]

And onward into infinity.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!





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