Friday Fictioneers: “Blesséd Boy”




Went for a little more of a narrative feeling this time, like something that could be continued beyond this particular story. Too bad I’ll never do that!


Have fun~




Image Copyright: David Stewart

Image Copyright: David Stewart


Title: Blesséd Boy

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100


My mother said I’m different because of my skin. I asked her what that means.

“Just look at yourself,” she said.

My snow-white skin shines in the mirror.

“You are pure,” she said. “Like a cloudless morning.”

My life is this house with my picture on the walls and incense burning at every hour. Sometimes I wonder what’s outside our metal fences. But I’m told not to worry about such sinful places. Here, I can remain untainted.

Even my smile is white in the mirror and it’s smiling at me. Maybe this golden cage is best for my beautiful feathers.





Everybody knows that “Blesséd” just sounds better than “Blessed.”

It’s been proven by, like, science and stuff.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!








5 comments on “Friday Fictioneers: “Blesséd Boy”

  1. I agree blesséd is better. It has a good ring to it. Good piece. I wasn’t expected white skin at the beginning and I liked “pure. Like a cloudless morning.” Gives me a good visual. Hate to think of anybody being caged up though. It can’t be healthy.

  2. Dear Michael,

    This puts me in mind of the movie Powder. Interesting.



  3. Loved the twist at the end! Great story and I enjoyed reading it.

  4. gahlearner says:

    Thanks for clearing up the blesséd. 🙂 Poor boy, if he ever gets confronted with the outside world (your longer story?), I don’t even want to imagine how he’ll suffer. Great writing.

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