Flash! Friday: “Beauty in the Eyes”




Yes, that’s a typo. I left it in because I think it sounds FUNNY.


Have fun~




Title: Beauty in the Eyes

Conflict: Man vs. Everyone/thing Else

Character: A charismatic hedonistic narcissist

Word Count: 160


-Excerpt from page 1 of 150 of the legal confession of Jo Brakenburg


Burb of Ny’roh 6, Mike the Sentient Planet and me, Jo Brakenburg were all in the running for “The Most Beautiful Not-Necessarily-Organic Lifeform in the Galaxy”

Why was that even a contest worth having? I don’t care how many fjords Mike has. I have magnificent sunlight-golden living hair that is perfect. In every way.

And the day before the final judging, I’m in third place. I can’t even count to three! I’m that much of a Number 1!

That night I had a revelation that shook me. Beauty was in the eye of the beholder. My definition of beauty was not everybody’s definition of beauty.

So I had all of the judge’s eyes removed overnight. You see, such things are possible when you’re beautiful and beautiful people like me just have that kind of power. Not like you’d know. Mountains of money from Brakenburg Beautifications helped too.








I kind of have a seething hatred of Fridays now, which is terrible because it’s  the best day of the week, just because I have these two writing deadlines due (the other is Friday Fictioneers, obviously) and then work at an obscenely early hour in the morning.

And the morning is evil.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!






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