Flash! Friday: “Long, Long Life”




Because I was feeling zippy and optimistic today, I decided to write about the collapse of an aging father’s family life and sense of joy.

We all just have days where we want to spread joy and love into the world, right?


Have fun~




Title: Long, Long Life

Character: A Doomed King

Setting: A Castle

Word Count: 205



What happened to Don McClean and dinner with the family?

I think I saw them walk out hand-in-hand with my 14 year-old daughter and her 17 year-old boyfriend. She told me she’d be spending the night at his house, my castle. She came home to visit once in a when she decided to stay the night for the rest of her life.

My son was texting before I could dial a cell phone. He’d always be looking down at his screen, talking to somebody he doesn’t want me to see. When I was young, your neighborhood was your world and everyone knew each other. Now the whole world is at your fingers and is stealing conversations with my kids that I’ve never had.

Many dying years later, my son married to the man on the other side of that phone. I wasn’t even invited. “Too conservative and old-fashioned,” my son labeled me. I cried myself into a waking nightmare of an empty nest.

Elvis died on the throne, I always say. He won’t be the only king to die there. Every time the clock’s hand ticks, it slaps me in the face. I can feel my own life drain away like a thermometer in winter.






Did you know that “Scorpion” is pronounced “Score-pea-an” and not “Scwore-pea-an” like I’ve been pronouncing it for years?

Oh, you did? Well then why didn’t you tell me?

Some friend you are.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!








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