Friday Fictioneers: “Anima Memoria”




I wanted to do something with a huge spinning clock and having to do with time but once the Doctor Who episode I was watching ended, I reconsidered. The Doctor does that to me, making the insane sound like a good plan. Fitting, I know.


Have fun~




Image Copyright: Ted Strutz

Image Copyright: Ted Strutz


Title: Anima Memoria

Genre: Fantasy (?)

Word Count: 100


Ah, the sky. I once had ten thousand fingers to reach towards it. Leafy and rough, I could almost touch the clouds. Then they came, in hordes, little pale conquerors. They pulled my fingers from the ground and crafted homes and plundered my depths to forge factories and bombs.

I felt the fire of their wars turn my soil into bloody swamps. Then the regret… So much unfettered sky stretched above, they must have felt truly small.

So they planted new fingers for me. Will I always hold their hands in harmony as I do now? The land will tell.





I actually always really liked the swings rides down in Chicago. I just never thought of the pictures spinning above people’s heads as anything more than eye candy for the unlucky doofuses on the ground to gawk at. So now I might just be seeing that from now on. Joy!




Good luck, you brave writer folk!










2 comments on “Friday Fictioneers: “Anima Memoria”

  1. micklively says:

    People and nature: the same and yet not the same.
    Clever piece.

  2. gahlearner says:

    I love this. It touches so many world myths and still stands on its own. If it only could be as you describe.

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