Flash! Friday: “Judgment Day”




Pandora just gave me the Skyrim soundtrack on my Enya station. Not like I’m complaining, but Skyrim is Nordic, not Celtic. Those uncultured slobs at Pandora, honestly!


Have fun~




Title: Judgment Day

Character: A Man on Trial for Minor Theft

Theme: Justice

Word Count: 260


“This man,” the defendant cried, pointing at me, “took something priceless from me that I’ll never get back!”

The sanity in the room is sucked up there’s so many people gasping. Every person in this room is a woman, stunning and glowing with an inner kind of radiance, like the sun behind a cloud. I know all them all. And they all know me to the point where this whole courtroom is just one big jury box.

And I don’t think I’ll like the jury’s verdict.

I stand up. “But Your Honour,” I plead to my first ex-wife, She looks ravishing in that white robe, “she gave it to me willingly!”

The walls are lined with broken clocks. All of their hands point down, like a Roman Caesar sentencing a gladiator. And they chime, pummeling and divine until they hurt my ears. I sit down. The judge never even had to touch Her gavel.

“I’ll never get the time back that you stole from me,” the defendant says, glaring at me. Does she even have a lawyer? Maybe everybody here is one, too. Do I have a lawyer? Nope, just radiant faces reflecting light like sheet ghosts from my past.

“I think you’re overreacting here,” I say. I meant to charismatically laugh but it died in my throat. “We all had fun, right? Better to have love and lost than never at all?”

“You’ve never lost an hour,” the judge says, Her hand going for the gavel with Godly grace. “So for all your loving, its time you lost some.”







And I guess today is my 2-year anniversary with WordPress, neato! Why on earth did I start this up in October? Why did I start this up at all?

Nostalgia will reveal that one day, I’m sure. But it is not this day.

This day we post and go to bed.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!






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