Friday Fictioneers: Lucid Dreaming




Seems I made this blog two year ago today. Why on earth I chose to make it in October I’ll never know. Heck, I didn’t even do anything with this until July or so of last year.

The totally irrelevant and largely not-worth-investigating mysteries of life.

But hey, I guess this means that I almost share an anniversary with Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s reign of Friday Fictioneers? Now that’s actually interesting!


Have fun~



Image Copyright: Ron Pruitt

Image Copyright: Ron Pruitt


Title: Lucid Dreaming

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100


Like a time machine set to 1863 (hurry, the Battle of Gettysburg is starting soon), my mind is thrown backwards to a land that is familiar, untouched, and thus, alien.

I still have a wife, a son, a purpose to live. Back then, Father’s Day didn’t feel like a funeral. Like a great battle, the causalities were absolute in the war between my wife and I, though we couldn’t tell you who fired the first shot.

I suppose I expected myself to wake up from that nightmare until the lucidity becomes normality. There’s no waking up from an arresting reality.







I think I ended up turning this one into a dream because of all of the lucid dreaming I’ve been doing recently. I tell you, it’s a lot less fun than it sounds when you’re attacked by a spider so large that it bumps your whole body as it runs under you which causes you to wake up in real life very afraid and very spazzy.

Still cool though, in retrospect.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!







3 comments on “Friday Fictioneers: Lucid Dreaming

  1. Dear Michael,

    Sometimes I feel that way about Friday Fictioneers. 😉 Happy shared Anniversary.



  2. Reality bites… you could say.

  3. gahlearner says:

    Sometimes waking up is the most difficult part. I like the comparison of the argument with the battle, great description.

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