Flash! Friday: “Momma’s Boy”




Poor Flash! Friday always getting shafted when I’m tired and about to go to bed. No intro for you!


Have fun~




Title: Momma’s Boy

Character: A Man-Made Sentient Creature


Word Count: 185


Mother’s house is strange. It’s all alone, away from the smoke-choked city. It sits on a hill like a raven, black and twisted. But I was made with brass and copper and gold. Mother always grins at me.

“I know you can’t,” she says, “but your whole body smiles for you.”

That’s right. In my gleaming metal and filled with clockwork muscles, I’m a shining figurehead on a merchant airship.

“Do you know why you’re so special, Joshua?” she asks me.

I know why but I shake my head anyway. I like to hear her say it.

“Because you’re smarter than all the rest,” she says. “Your cousins down in the city are just machines. They tick like clocks or clunk like cars but you’re special. You have a brain.” Then, she always places her hands on her lap and smiles. Her clothes are black, almost mournful, and moth-eaten.

Every morning, I pass by a portrait in the hall. Mother is in black, her hands on her lap. She’s frowning. A small, sickly boy sits on her lap. He’s wearing the same clothes I do.







I always wanted to be a steampunk robot for Halloween/cosplay but gosh-darn is it not practical at all to replace one’s organs and muscles with gears. It takes, like, three hours just to get everything in place, neverminding the whole “brass skin” thing. Just not worth it, in my opinion.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!





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