Flash! Friday: “A Better Day”




Quick quick, I’ve got to leave! Copy and paste faster, darn you!


Have fun~




Title: A Better Day

Theme: Desperation

Setting: A War-Torn City

Word Count: 159



“It’s almost the 21st century, goddammit,” I say, pulling my tattered blanket close to me. “Shouldn’t we be beyond all this by now?”

A shell, or something like it, goes off down the street. The silence that follows is worse than any scream. There could be a family, decades of history, in that space.

My brother and cousin set up his game of dominoes. Again. That’s all they do now, quietly play dominoes and slowly waste away. In their glazed eyes, I see a graveyard. Me, I can at least linger and stare at the horizon, hoping against hope that one day I’ll see the sun rise and not dread the thought of another day.

In the bedroom, I lean down next to my sunny-haired wife. Stolen meds ring around her bed like roses around a coffin. Her breath is weak and low. Somewhere else in the world, somebody is having a bad day because they stubbed their toe.









If I don’t do this now, it’ll never get done! Because I’ll be gone all day. I’m not gonna burst into flames or anything. Yet.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!






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