Friday Fictioneers: “Cell E48”




I actually do want to do that critique-centric Friday Fictioneers thing sometime but I feel like I want to submit something that I think actually deserves critique and isn’t something that my brain just passed like a kidney stone.


Have fun (with that mental image)~




Image Copyright: C.E. Ayr

Image Copyright: C.E. Ayr


Title: Cell E48

Genre: Science Fiction (?)

Word Count: 100


“It’s better than Room 101,” my cellmate said.

I tighten my hands around the bars like they’re the warden’s throat. “What are you in for?” I ask. A whistle blows down the long grey hall. The jingling death-knell of chain-ganged prisoners rises like a cancerous sun.

“Being, ‘a danger to society.’” my cellmate said. He spat onto the floor.

“Whatever that means,” I said. The chain-gang passes me. Their faces are soot and oil-stained. Miles above are city streets filled with happy pricks who think that lights turn on and roads get paved because of little gnomes they never see.






Well, it’s a lot more coherent than last week’s. That was something truly special! Although, people seemed to really like it. That always happens with these entries- the ones I dislike are the ones that everyone else seems to like. There’s probably a Latin-sounding name for that phenomenon.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!






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