Flash! Friday: Final Double Feature




That’s not the title of the actual entries. It’s just that this is the last time Flash! Friday is doing its flashy Friday thing. It’s been fun, if incredibly stressful.

Speaking of stressed…


Have fun~




Title: Time, Stampeding

Word Count: 100

On Friday everything changed.

I was a young man on Thursday. On Wednesday I was a fountain of imagination. On Tuesday the world was studded with diamonds. On Friday, as sudden as a startled breath, I felt ragged. Old friends are now a world away. New friends are mere theories.

All my joints ache and my thoughts come halting, like they’re all flying backwards to neater, better times. There’s no snow in the middle of winter and I feel a great unbalance in my world.

If I convince myself I still have the young man’s pulse, perhaps it’s actually true.




I was going to write something else here. But then I lost all of my energy and most of my will to live.






Nope, still stressed. What a way to send it off, huh.




Good luck, you brave writer folk!





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