Friday Fictioneers: Dizzying


Okay, let’s just ignore that I totally forgot to hit “publish” on my last post until about three months had gone by, making me look like a right fool, and focus instead on getting back into doing a little something I’ve been missing ever since coming to grad school: Friday Fictioneers.

I missed the boat for posting my page this week on Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s page, but I wanted to try my hand at more of the flash fiction genre anyhow. After all, Professor Kenny Cook at Iowa State University, one of my professors and inspirations, has started to inoculate me against short/flash fiction again. I suppose after focusing almost entirely on novels for the last six years, I could use a change of pace.

Anyhow, in case you’re new here- Friday Fictioneers is a once-weekly writing challenge wherein you must write a story of less than 100 words using a provided picture as inspiration.







Photo prompt from Dale Robertson


Title: Dizzying

Word Count: 100


Abel was an absolute wreck. He sweated that his shoelaces would come undone and that he would tumble, her hand still in his, to the ground in a bruised heap.

But the dauntless Emma, one year his junior in the 8th grade, had a lead foot on the gas. She pointed to the Ferris wheel, her eyes reflecting its pastel constellations. Abel said he felt sick and that she should go without him.

When she returned, Abel was still in the bathroom. Emma ate a corndog, then left the fair, trying to remember the name of her odd, sweaty date.



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See, you can tell this is a 2019 writing sample, and not 2015, because I use words like “dauntless” and “pastel” and I actually try to end my stories with proper conclusions. Thanks grad school!



Until next time!




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