About Michael

My word, I didn’t see you come in. Please do remember to wipe your feet on the doormat on your way in. Would you like some tea? Coffee? Fermented tears of children who were told that Santa Clause doesn’t really exist?

A few of you may have caught on by now that I HAVE LIED TO YOU. Of course Santa Clause exists. Children that are told that falsehood are only done so because Santa Claus is making an effort to become more technologically-savvy. So, he has stopped accepting traditional Christmas list letters. Instead, he uses MAGICAL FAXES.


Now, you’re probably wondering who this person is- this person who just blew your mind with the truth of things.

Well, I am Michael Wettengel, a 21-year old (note: age may be subject to change based on the whims of the space-time-continuum) college student at Illinois Wesleyan University who is set to graduate in 2015. I bring my English Writing major (with a focus in Being Poor) and History minor to bear on the world primarily in the form of blog posts and novels.

Yes, I plan to one day become a full-time independent novelist. I’m putting my Being Poor focus to good use (thanks college education!). But, in order to be a truly great artist, I feel like one must interact with the patrons of the art, for they are the artist’s lifeblood and are often really nifty people in general.

So, here I am, writing whatever comes into my head and encouraging you to do just the same. With that, “Hello! And welcome to blog!”


I feel like I should have maybe started by saying that.





For your convenience, I present to you a kind of Table of Contents so that you can zip around my little corner of cyberspace to your heart’s (or other appropriate vital organ for you extraterrestrial readers) content.


Analysis and Reflections: Read about my crazy leaps of judgment as I try to rationalize things I have done or written in the past! Such subjects include my writing process, reflections on being a literary journal editor, how I harness imagination, and the role that music plays in writing.


Lorequest: Marvel at my ability to take context clues in video games completely out of context in an attempt to find lore and a story in games that don’t really have much of either! Such games include Chivalry: Medieval Warefare, Shadow of the Colossus, Journey, (maybe) Dark Souls, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and (maybe) Warhawk. Oh, and this one has pictures!


Personal Works: Here I will be archiving all of my personal works of writing, including (but not limited to) novels, short stories, video games, short films, poetry, and comics. Additionally, if a work is completed, expect some reflections to be included on the work’s page. If the work is still in progress, expect to see a log of my workings and reflections on that. Either way, I’ll also be including things like sneak peaks, artwork, and world lore.


News and Updates: This is just a minor section that serves as an archive for any, well, news and updates that I might have about myself and my works or this blog in general. You can find any updates that you may have missed there, in case the past strikes your fancy.


4 comments on “About Michael

  1. kirizar says:

    “…with a Focus in Being Poor” Very clever. Hopefully you can rise above the tide of prediction and actually earn a living with that degree.

  2. Cassie says:

    Hi Michael, I’ve been trying to reach you and getting a bounce back on your email on file – sorry to post to your wall. You’ve made the top 10 award in the eBook Me Up Short Story contest, with your piece submitted ‘Fighter of Monsters’. Can you email me so I can send you details? cassie@ebookmeup.com Also, please kindly delete this comment. Finger’s crossed this gets to you! 🙂 Cassie

    • Thanks for reaching out to me, Cassie. I can’t imagine why my email is acting strangely. But I just responded through my Illinois Wesleyan email. I’ll delete these comments once I know it got to you and the whole email isn’t being strange.

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