Indie Review Guidelines



Note: At this time, I will only be reviewing eBooks for sale via Amazon.


An example of my standard kind of review can be seen here: Rabble Review

And here: Extended Thoughts


Follow the progress of your book review here, on The Bookshelf!





Now you, indie authors, can have your book reviewed by me! And this easy step-by-step guide shall help you on your way.


Step 1: Ensure you have you actually have a completed novel. This is an important part, some would even say vital, part getting any review.


Step 2: Said novel must be either of the fantasy or science fiction genre. All subgenres are accepted, except for anything romance-centric, steampunk, or young adult/children.


Step 3: Send an email to with the Subject (which is vital so I can find your requests quickly), “Indie Book Review,” followed by your name. In said email, include:

  1. Your book’s title and your name again
  2. Genre and sub-genre
  3. Quick blurb or book description, no more than one paragraph in length
  4. Page and word count
  5. Link to the book page on Amazon and Goodreads

Note: Your blurb/book description may help determine which books I’ll be reading.


Step 4: Be patient; I will be in communication with you shortly (usually two or three days) after the request has been sent out. If I don’t respond in a week’s time, that’s because either your book did not catch me attention or I simply have too many requests at the moment.


Step 5: Check the Bookshelf page of this here blog to see where you book stands and how close it is to being read/completed.


Step 6: Brace yourself for some well-thought-out and (sometimes brutally) honest critique. Both a shorter Rabble Review, the one which will be posted on the book’s Amazon and Goodreads page, and a longer Extended Thoughts review will be posted on my blog.

As a rule, I tend to give more attention to the negative aspects of a work in my Extended Thoughts posts. That way, I’m not spoiling significant plot details while also being more candid and having the space to elaborate on the areas that could be improved.


Step 7: Await an email from me, in which I will let you know that the reviews are completed. In said email, I’ll include links to the Rabble Review and Extended Thoughts. Additionally, I’ll post a link to the review via Facebook and Twitter.



                Read your reviews, when they reach completion, here!

If you have any questions about the way this works (because, I mean, I do too considering I’m so green as grass at this whole thing), drop a comment on this page and I’ll get back to you!

Good luck, you brave writer folk!