Garamoush: Overview


…Beware the man with only greed

He who plants the seed

And tills for still greater


A man becomes a worm

A worm becomes the Worm

Obsession darkens

Soon madness harkens

Beware you tempered men

When to lust, virtue falls

For he is the Worm

In corpses he crawls.

– Excerpt from the poem, “The Worm of Man,” written by Klaus Semleson of the Ministry of Fate and His Greatness.

– Excerpt from Garamoush (2014)




Garamoush holds a special place in my heart, as it is the first novel I have ever published and is my first professional publication ever. As I write this, on July the 6th, 2014, the novel is set to release tomorrow and I’m positive beside myself with anxiousness. But what’s a bit of anxiety measured up against the fantastic adventure of taking an entire novel from daydream to professional publication in about four months? I don’t exactly know for sure, but it can’t be very much!


But Garamoush won’t mean two tosses unless you know a thing or two about it. So, here’s a quick back-of-the-book kind of blurb about this fantasy novel:

The god Garamoush has been asleep on the shores of Garaheim for nearly two-hundred years. He is the form of a gigantic four-armed tortoise and He possess the divine powers of future sight and clairvoyance. He speaks in His nature godly tongue in His sleep, whispering scraps of knowledge about the future. The Ministry of Fate and His Greatness rules the whole land of Garaheim and employs their Declarers to interpret what the god is saying. Stenn, an aging man and ex-Knight, a bodyguard for the Ministry’s Declarers, is visiting Garamoush with his young daughter when the great god Stirs. Chasing after questions from his past and a lost orphan girl named Anna, Stenn enters the enormous shell of Garamoush, which is a bizarre new world unto itself. Within, Stenn finds more ghosts of his past and chances for him to redeem himself for that checkered past of his.


You may have noticed a bit of lyricism above, which, as I noted, is indeed a tiny excerpt from Garamoush itself. Old legends, myths, fables, poems, and hymns play a huge rule in the story and serve as the primary anchor for Stenn’s sanity as he falls further and further into the strange world of Garamoush’s shell. Well, if you look more into the novel, you can expect to find more material like that.

Whether I am a lyricist/poet as well as an author is still up for debate, however. I just have a soft spot for poetry and music in prose is all!


As of July 8th, Garamoush is now for sale on the Amazon Kindle store. Also, as of late July, there is also a print version available at the same location as well.


As for the rest of this page, I think I’ll be devoting it to links to things like history/lore, relavent reflections, an extended  preview, and anything else my mind can cook up.




Garamoush: Preview

-Here I provide an extended preview for the novel that goes beyond the page limit in the preview shown on the Amazon site.


Reflections of an Ameatur Novel Writer: Part 1, “Miracle Seeds”

-With the start of a new reflection series, I suppose it’s only fitting that I use Garamoush as a centerpiece. In the post, I talk about the process of idea creation, name generation, and working with the oddness of imagination. If you’ve read Garamoush (which, of course, you should!) then all of those points of focus should sound fitting.




So, until later~


Good luck, you brave writer folk!






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