Garamoush: Preview


Yes, it’s true! The apocalypse is nigh- I mean, Garamoush is officially published on on July 8th, 2014!


Now, I know that Amazon gives you all a lovely little preview of the contents inside the book, but I don’t think that’s good enough! Mainly because I think the preview is too small and I wasn’t able to decide how many pages I wanted to show… Minor gripe!


So, for you intrepid souls who took the long trek all the way across the vast roads and wastes of the interwebs, I provide for you now an extended preview of the book. It runs from the beginning all the way up until Part 2. I’ll even toss in another picture of the cover because I think it’s just super neato! Which isn’t a lie, I assure you… but I also may not know how to attach the cover to a document that is lacking front matter. It just feels awkward to me!


Speaking of awkward, I’m done talking now!


  • Click the picture below to begin reading!
Garamoush Cover

Cover design by Finn Smulders



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