Landfall: Overview


Landfall is, as of Autumn 2014, my next upcoming work of fiction. It is the first of two prequels that both run before the events of Garamoush, my first published book. Like Garamoush, Landfall is a medieval fantasy novel. This also means that Landfall and its sequel are the chronologically first two books in the Mortal Efforts Series. I know that’s a bit wonky to think about, but I really felt that it would make much more sense to have two 400-some page books rather than one 800-900 page one that would run the risk of having too much happen and not devote enough time to the characters. After all, I fully realize I’m still just a little bud of a novelist, so such a massive and complex endeavor would probably be a case of “biting off more than I can chew.” And then falling out of my chair and violently choking on it until Robin Williams dressed as a woman comes to save my life.

Or maybe I’m thinking of Mrs. Doubtfire. I get that and reality confused so often.

Regardless, Landfall doesn’t have a publish date as of Autumn 2014, but be assured that the book is occupying a viracious level of time-consumption in my life. So, you can at least be certain that a benchmark of about 20 pages per week is being pursued with the utmost level of veracious energy. That is, until I mentally collapse like an old iron mine from exhaustion! But there’s still time between then and now. So, let’s just enjoy this time of sanity while we can.




The events of Landfall take place approximately two-hundred years before Garamoush. At that point in the land’s history (named Gwendolmyer, in honour of the great unifier and conqueror God’s-Daughter Gwendolyn), the winged god Thek is worshiped as the one all-creator God of the sun, souls, and ambition. Nearly all of Gwendolmyer can agree on the worship of Thek, with enormous shrines and churches forming focal points in cities and dotting the entire countryside.

However, that appears to be all the realm can agree on.

Some sixty years prior to the start of Landfall, a legendary figure and disciple of God’s-Daughter-Gwendolyn named Josiah Smulder (known sometimes as Josiah the Smoldering for his exceptionally dark skin and fiery personality) divided the country into four cultural Strains in order to preserve the balance of power in the land after Gwendolyn’s death. The Strains kept the peace for decades, the wars between them kept in check by the Edict of Order, a law declaring that at least one Strain must be a referee of sorts to any given war so that the balance of power did not ever fluctuate out of control.

And yet, the War of the Broken Lance, fought between the East and West Strains, has been raging virtually unchecked for twelve long years. This war serves as the backdrop to many of Landfall’s events with the story’s main character, William (sometimes also known as Cross-Eyed William), attempting to survive a world beset by conflict.


I would say more, but instead I’ll just include an entire page concerning lore, history, characters, and the world. But for now, I’m content to just let this idea out there.




Speaking of Content, here’s where you can find it:


  • Landfall: The World

-Here you can find a map of Gwendolmyer, the setting of Landfall (and Garamoush, but after its renaming to Garaheim) with brief descriptions of the important locations in the real.


  • Landfall: The Characters

-Using words and Skyrim’s character creator in place of my total lack of artistic ability, here I’ll paint some of Landfall’s key characters.


  • Landfall: The History

-The history of Gwendolmyer, at least as to how it pertains to Landfall’s present, is detailed here. It includes dates, locations, characters, and events that helped make Gwendolmyer as how it appears in the book.




Hopefully everything up above can keep everybody satiated for a little while because as fast as I work, I swear the novel just never feels any more complete. I guess that’s just a sign that I’m still improving all the time! Or so I hope!

In the meantime, why not sink into Garamoush? It’s actually going to be permanently free soon enough, whether its on Amazon or otherwise!



Good luck, you braver writer folk!





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