December 2014 Miniature Narrative Project


An unholy trinity made out of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers, Lille McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction, and Michael Wettengel’s own silly little brain, M.N.P. (meaning, Miniature Narrative Project) was a kind of slipshod apology for not doing anything on this blog for NaNoWriMo this year as well as just a fun dive into a realm of improv narratives.

The fundamental idea behind the project was, for all of the month of December (and the last day of November) to respond to all of the aforementioned writing challenge’s prompts as well as a final short story entry and try to string together a kind of cohesive narrative from it all.

Though the narrative is not complete by any means, it did seem to run fairly cohesively from entry to entry, building up a kind of surreal and odd world lore with an eventual reveal of real protagonists and antagonists, each one sporting their own surreal and odd name.

But, the true power of determiner of quality for the work rests with the reader(s). So, included below is a list of all of the M.N.P. entries for your reading pleasure.


Have fun~





The final entry in the series follows Due and Syl from the earlier entries as the pursue answers for the crimes committed against the authors.


A look-alike finds himself a little out of sorts after almost losing his head.


A radical man dreams of radical changes to bring about a radically-different future.


A worried author worries. Authorly. In complete darkness.


Unlikely friends create a plan that seems unlikely to work as well as they hope it will.


There is an author. She meets her end.


Trouble brews as hated enemies come together as hated allies.


A family gathers around a very controversial fire.


A peak through a window that probably never should have been opened shows a brave new world of science, logic, reason, and book-eating.




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