Random Short Fiction: Full List


Here is where you can find all that I have written for weekly fiction contests such as Friday Fictioneers and Featured Fiction. Also, if I try to write anything else small, I suppose I’ll be putting it here. As you may or may not know at this point, though, writing short work isn’t exactly my strong suit. My usual protocol is to write something and immediately ask myself, “can it be a novel?” Which isn’t a bad thing, I suppose, but then I just keep writing and then all of the sudden I’m handing in 124 pages of work to my professor instead of 30 (sorry, Professor Reisenweber). But this is turning into rambling, you can find my stuff below!


So, arranged by date for your convenience, I present to you the list of “Random Short Fiction” posts.

Have fun~



Featured Fiction (3)

Though I usually try to tackle this writing challenge twice a week, it technically runs once a week with a different genre. With a roughly 2,000-word limit, I’ve got some freedom here, but it’s more of a place to play with ideas more than anything else. Needless to say, it’s fun!


Friday Fictioneers (5)

A weekly 100-word challenge that stresses my abilities to make a short, cohesive story in very limited space. It doesn’t end as terribly as you might think!



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