Random Short Fiction: Featured Fiction


Because I thought my overview page of my random short fiction threatened to get too overstuff with the large amount of work I was outputting, I decided to split up Friday Fictioneers and the Featured Fiction pages into two. So, on this page you’ll be finding all of my Featured Fiction works, arranged chronologically from most to least recent.

To do a quick overview, Featured Fiction is a weekly writing challenge where writers are given a handful of criteria corresponding to a genre that changes from week to week. Such things include sentence starters, themes, important plot points, etc. etc. There is also a suggested 2,000 word limit, though I didn’t actually know that existed until I had put out my first entry. Granted, that entry was almost 8,000 words long, so perhaps I only really realized that limit was there was because I invented a problem that needed containment. It’s like I’m an amateur literary prophet of word-based doom or something!


So, for your convenience and enjoyment, here are my entries to the weekly Featured Fiction writing challenge.


Have fun~




The fantasy to Head in a Box’s sci-fi, Out of Eyeshot was more like a dabbling in ideas still based around the crime and investigation genre, though with less immediately apparent intrigue and more snarkiness from the main character. Oh also, there’s a talking, living slime that’s the main character’s police partner. Perhaps not my favourite entry, but I liked the ideas I poked and prodded at in this!


Having learned from my last little escapade, I decided to tone this story down a bit. Buuut just a bit. It’s not nearly as long but had the potential to be much, much longer. It focuses around two secret agents (one of which specializes in explosives, which might put the whole “secret” thing into jeopardy a bit) and a still-living head they find a box. Fairly self-explanatory I should think!


Marvel and weep, ye tiny mortals as I take a vague fantasy prompt totally out of proportion and spin out a nearly 8000-word story all in the space of about two days. Like I mentioned, it’s a fantasy work that, summed up is like a mix of Shadow of the Colossus and Legend of Korra season 1 (which is the best one- just saying).




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