Random Short Fiction: Five Sentence Fiction


Having set aside Featured Fiction when the 2014 Fall semester started up at college, I decided to try my hand at another kind of very short fiction. Lillie McFerrin’s challenge is to write a strong, punchy story in only five sentences. Also, we’re giving a word to base the story on every time. There are also pictures usually featured alongside the word but I ignore them because they try to confuse me with their lies.

To be honest, it’s a bit harder to make a full and interesting story with only five sentences rather than 100 words from Friday Fictioneers. Five Sentence Fiction makes it much harder to sculpt short, pithy dialogue which is what I usually prefer in my other short ficiton. As such, I’m forced to abuse dashes and semicolons in ways that are probably very incorrect.

But nobody’s called me out on them yet, so I’ll just keep doing it anyway!

So, presented for you is all of my Five Sentence Fiction works all archived for your convenience.



Have fun~





A naive sort of young man assumes that people care about what he has to say.


A man tries to fly after everybody else ever tells him he can’t.


An alien feels pangs of jealousy for, of all things, humans.


Marriage is difficult, as the narrator’s friend reveals.


The author kicks himself in the shins for having absolutely no inspiration on the given week.


Described as “beautiful” by a friend of the author, a blind man sees for the first time in a long while.


The author watched There Will Be Blood too many times before writing this entry.


Mad clowns and jesters prepare for a delightful night of bloodbaths.


A dive into post-modern self-awareness involving trains is just a kind of long, over-extended onomatopoeia.


Grief haunts a guy as he goes about his day and incoherently rambles onto the internet blog post.


A double-feature on dystopias- one on nuns and one on an underground dome city.


One dude thinks about how nervous he is about touching another dude he’s rather fond of.


A rocky start to a new writing challenge makes some surprising bursts of inspiration.



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