And here, ye who have requested reviews, or those who are simply curious, one can see the reviews for the books I’ve read. If you’re interested in having your own indie book reviewed here, you can use this link to go to the page to request a review.

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5. Ghost in the Flame, by Johnathon Moeller. Date Completed: March 29, 2016

Extended Thoughts on Ghost in the Flame. Date Completed: April 1, 2016

4. Child of the Ghosts, by Johnathon Moeller. Date completed: March 22, 2016

Extended Thoughts of Child of the Ghosts. Date completed: March 22, 2016

3. The Shadows and the Innocence, by Erik Nelson. Date completed: June 18, 2015

2. Hired by a Demon, by Gypsy Madden. Date completed: August 17 2014

1. The Snake and Fox, by Erik Nelson. Date completed: August 16 2014